Welcome to our book honoring the past. Each day we are running out of time to capture the past from our older generation. We think you will find your visit here different and interesting. While many of the stories capture life as it was in the early 20th century it is part of history worth preserving. It is our wish that you would come away with a greater appreciation of a way of life we will never see again. The time of life when families got together each Sunday to share a meal with grandma, granddad, aunts, uncles, cousins and sometimes neighbors were special times. The adults talked on the porch while all the children played until dark. Some shared a time in their life before modern conveniences like indoor plumbing, electricity, cars, cell phones, computers, and I Pods. When people wrote letters to each other, talked to each other on the phone, loved and respected their elders and children were corrected if they were disrespectful to others.  Some told us about quilting, when they were made for comfort and not for beauty. When people were entertained by musicians who played in people’s houses or porches and all gathered to listen and dance.  All Christians have special God moments and some shared their personal experience with God.

            Veterans are a special breed of men and women.  We share several wonderful stories about these unique and dedicated individuals that fought for our country to make life better for the one’s at home. They were proud of their service, honored the flag, and their place in history until their dying day.

            This book is a compilation of stories that will amuse you, some may bring a tear to your eye, and they may cause you to relive a memory of your own, or may cause you to dig into the past to help solve a mystery. You may want to try some of the home remedies. They worked years ago, they may still work. We cannot leave out the recipes. Maybe there is a really nice down-home recipe you have not tried. You will enjoy the history behind some of the old recipes. Whatever your experience may be, we hope it is a journey into the past that you will not soon forget.